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Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

We produces the highest-quality GRC cladding on the market. if you are looking for GRC cladding suppliers in Dubai, UAE, you are on the right place.
GRC, or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, is one of the most versatile materials in terms of shape, form, texture, weight, mold-ability, and long-term technical properties, as well as fire-resistant building materials. GRC undergoes numerous tests and is contributing significantly to cost savings, technology, maintaining the aesthetics in the construction industry worldwide. German Gulf design, manufacture and integrate GRC solutions, finding you the most cost-effective solution while maintaining the architectural purpose. GRC products from the German Gulf meet worldwide standards, offering our customers peace of mind and ensuring best-in-class advances in all areas.

Our GRC range covers practically all uses and applications including:

Façade cladding – Internal and external
Customized products – our range extends to A/C covers, Arches, Benches, Ceiling cladding, Cladding panels, Cornices, Domes, Façades, Fountains, Gazebos, Architectural Components, Pergolas, Planters, Railings, Screens, Signage Boards, Windows and other custom-made products.


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Take a look at our entire product range with all the available options and details of each product

GRC Capital & Base

Our product range includes a wide range of GRC base capital and cornice GRC column

GRC Window Surround

Our GRC window surrounds are decorative mouldings that are used to frame residential & commercial structures

GRC Decorative

Our GRC Articles are used for enhancing the decor of architectures, buildings & civil structures

GRC Screen for wall

Used in different ways in construction as well as decoration of building walls

GRC Domes

Providing you the best range of GRC Ceiling Domes, Decorative GRC Domes

GRC Cornices

We're Expert In Manufacturing Various Range Of High Quality GRC Cornice

GRC Signage

GRC Decorative design products range manufactured for interior & exterior elevations

GRC Flower Pot

GRC Planter Pots for outdoor plants,indoor plants, Pots for garden, gamla for indoor,outdoor,garden

GRC Column

GRC Planter Pots for outdoor plants,indoor plants, Pots for garden, gamla for indoor,outdoor,garden

GRC Screen

GRC Screen helps to decorate your wall

GRC Wall cladding

GRC Cladding Panel, for Walls, enquire now for best products

GRC Brackets

GRC Brackets helps in decorating corner walls

GRC Pergola

GRC Screen helps to decorate your wall

GRC Arches

GRC Cladding Panel, for Walls, enquire now for best products

GRC Benches

GRC Brackets helps in decorating corner walls

German Gulf Fibreglass Industries LLC, Leading Manufacturing & Suppliers in GRC & GRP Products Since 2003.

Why to choose GGFI as your GRC Cladding Suppliers in Dubai?

Advanced GRC Cladding supplier

We are confident that you will find Advanced GRC Cladding Supplier in Dubai. We are currently one of the leaders in the construction industry based on GRC technology. We offer service in Abu Dhabi Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah.

Glass Reinforced Concrete

GRC gives the architects a unique and unrivaled opportunities to express individual interpretation and creativity in a way not offered by any other materials, in terms of shape, form, texture, weight, mold ability, and long-term technical properties.

Quality Products with excellent durability

Our quality of products is in huge demand all over the markets because of their Light Weight, High Impact Resistance, Colorful & Texture Rich, No Health Risk, Easy Fixing, High Strength, Durable and many more features.


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GRC stands for Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete / Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, which is a fine concrete reinforced with Alkali Resistant glassfibres (AR Glassfibres).

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A GRC / GFRC should be tested fully in accordance with the GRCA Methods of Testing Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Material at the frequency defined by the GRCA Specification for the Manufacture, Curing & Testing of Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Products.

German Gulf fibreglass industries regularly works with architects and designers at the design stage to understand their vision and help bring concepts to reality. We are pleased to discuss material and installation options, technical performance attributes and provide details. More often than not, the earlier we are asked to contribute, the more likely we can provide a useful solution.

Support from German Gulf Fibreglass industries can be offered in a variety of ways. On a self-service basis, our shop drawings provide very clear details showing installation sequence, substrate preparation and fixing details.

  • The material has excellent flexibility and durability.
  • GRC is light in weight and hence facilitates installation quick and relatively easy.
  • It makes the dome fire resistant.
  • Reach out to us to Know more.

You can anytime contact us and if required we will send our local representative who could give you complete information about our products.

Yes, we are happy to review drawings and identify opportunities where use of our solution can address a technical challenge. We do not charge for this service, but if asked to develop 3D models or other technical documentation, or must fabricate a proof of concept mock-up, charges may apply.

Prices are quoted on a project-by-project basis. As a custom manufacturer, price is normally comprised of tooling and material costs, and is influenced by quantity, complexity, lead time, and factory finishing (if specified).

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